Thoughts and Faith to Share


San Francisco, Jan 19:
Walk for Life

San Francisco, Jan 21:

San Diego, Jan 20:
* 10:30 a.m. Life Saving Rosary Vigil, Family Planning Associates, 2850 6th Ave, at Palm, across from Balboa Park
* 12:00 Noon Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, Corner of State & Date, in Little Italy
* 12:45 p.m. Holy Hour for Life with Bishop Salvatore Cordileone following the Noon Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary

San Diego, Jan 22:
* 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Candlelight prayer vigil, meet at Grape and North Harbor Drive - May need coins for meters - peaceful, legal and prayerful

For more information on any of these events, please contact Sue Lopez at 619-276-7525

San Diego, various dates:

The theme for the D.C. March for Life 2007 is:

Let us unite with our fellow pro-life Americans and share that intention as we rally in San Francisco on Jan 20 and in Sacramento on Jan 23.

The anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is a day to mourn the loss of millions of American children's lives and the soul of our nation. And a day on which to plead on behalf of those yet at risk. It should be a day of solidarity. We should be walking in step with each other no matter how many miles separate us.

I encourage you to bring your own pro-life signs to both San Francisco and Sacramento that in some way speak for the unborn children whose lives are unjustly threatened but whose voices cannot be heard.

The occupant of a pregnant woman's womb is not
a "product of conception" or "blob of tissue"
or "wad of cells" - she/he is a "person".

That person has "the right to life".

That "life" already exists
and no one has a right
to exterminate it.

In other words:
Children Deserve Birth

There is no better cause on earth than to defend the absolutely defenseless!