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Re: Let’s All Use Adjective “Preborn” Not “Unborn”

What about the never-born?

The adjective "preborn" presupposes that a child who has not yet been born will be born or it refers to an already born person's stage of life before birth. Those who have died in the womb, from whatever cause, were never born. They were indeed "unborn persons" who, for a time, lived in a "preborn stage of life" and then became "never-born persons".

The fact is that, once conceived - preborn, unborn or never born - the human entity formed at conception is a "person". That's the fact of life that pro-lifers need to emphasize along with the fact that this "person" has "the right to life" - a life that already exists - which no one has a right to exterminate. It is the "personhood" of the child in the womb that must be recognized.

"We all must come to recognize the human person in everyone who is victimized, rejected, abandoned, and defenseless in the worldwide community. This cannot be accomplished if we do not firstly recognize and protect the most defenseless among us – the unborn. Not until we have done all in our power to end the abomination of abortion worldwide by peaceful measures, can we hope to see a measure of peace in the world." Fredi D'Alessio

Children Deserve Birth

Why "Children" rather than "Babies"? Because, for some, "children" may more effectively connote the "personhood" of the young life in the womb and the vitality of that person as well.

Why "Birth" rather than "Life"? Because the unborn child is already alive and awaiting her/his birthday.

So these three little words make three profound statements:

1) The occupant of a pregnant woman's womb is not a "product of conception" or "blob of tissue" or "wad of cells" - she/he is a "person".

2) That person has "the right to life".

3) That "life" already exists and no one has a right to exterminate it.

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