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Tying Abortion to Millennium Development Goal #5
by Fredi D'Alessio

Here we go again.

Yet another report (
Induced abortion: estimated rates and trends worldwide) crafted to promote "reproductive health" (a term that is frequently used by UN agencies to promote legal abortion) and tying that goal to
Millennium Development Goal #5, Improve Maternal Health.

Although it is true that the MDGs do not include the controversial issue of "reproductive health", after having done research for my commentary on the Millennium Development Goals, I am no less concerned about the
underlying goal of many UN agencies and NGOs. I believe the pro-life community should be made fully aware of their agenda and their perspective of MDG #5. If you haven't yet read my exposé and all of the documents referenced therein, I urge you to do so. As an addendum to the commentary I believe we need to advocate for a new MDG and renumber the others making the new one the first and fundamental goal. That MDG should emphatically charge the worldwide community to respect and protect every human being's right to life from conception to natural death. Let's face it, the agenda to promote legal abortion and contraception worldwide will not cease.

Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for Relations with States, said in the general debate of the recent 62nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, "We must work to stop and reverse the culture of death embraced by some social and legal structures that try to make the suppression of life acceptable by disguising it as a medical or social service." Thus, the MDG I proposed above should be the foundation for all the others.

The Archbishop added, "In this sense, the abolition of the death penalty should also be seen as a consequence of full respect for the right to life." The proponents of population control desire to invoke the sentence of death upon all unwanted (by them) children in their mothers' wombs and suppress the lives of those as yet not conceived.

I implore you to read "
The Millennium Development Goals and the Critical Next Step for the Catholic Church" and all of the resources referenced therein to learn for yourself how serious this issue is and share this information with others.

Below are three articles. Be sure to read the last one that exposes the fallacy of reports on the numbers of abortions. Regardless of what the actual numbers are, the consequences of this holocaust are immeasurable.