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Are John McCain and Mitt Romney pro-life?

If I take the stand (and I do) that no one who supports, defends or condones the destruction of even a single embryonic person - even to benefit the health of another person - can honestly claim to be pro-life or deserve to be called such by anyone else (even if such a person were strongly opposed to every other crime against the sanctity of human life), I must also take the stand that neither
McCain nor Romney is pro-life.

"McCain has said — it is true — that he approved embryo-destructive research in the limited case of so-called “spares”— those embryos “left-over” after couples have exhausted their interest in IVF. .... Now he realizes that there is no need to exploit “spare” embryos, in light of recent successes with adult cells." Gerard V. Bradley

I wouldn't call that a conversion of mind, heart or soul. It's merely a change in course of action, which may not be steadfast.

Can we say that a woman had changed her mind about the morality of abortion if after having seen an image of a surgically aborted child, she chose to have a chemical abortion, or because she was too far along to have a chemical abortion she chose to give birth, but would be willing to chemically abort her next child?