Thoughts and Faith to Share

My response to "McCain Is Pro-death not Pro-Life" at causa nostrae laetitiae, an excellent blog:

This election campaign has been very revealing and saddens me more than others have in recent years. So many people who call themselves "pro-life" have rejected the opportunity to finally support a pro-life candidate for a change. Instead, they have chosen to support candidates who are not pro-life, including Thompson, Romney and McCain. Worse yet they have deceived other Americans by claiming that these candidates are pro-life. Some, if not all, of these people may have good intentions, but they have made a very grave error and have lost a good deal (if not all) of my trust and respect. It doesn't matter how good their intentions might be. The result is that they have contributed to furthering the culture of death in our nation. I won't list their names, but they are very prominent personalities.

For those who are Catholics I would like to share my belief that
we shouldn't be viewing the world from the Left, Center or Right. It is imperative that we view it from the Top - from the perspective of its Creator.

I hope the day will come when all Catholics will embrace the fullness of their faith, teachings of their Church and the Catholic Way of living.