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Cardianal O’Malley of Boston corrects Pelosi on Church teachings on abortion

The bishops cannot endorse any particular party, but we must be clear on what the teachings of the Church are and the values that must be a part of any program for the improvement of our society.

This was certainly true in the case of a satement made by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi during a recent television interview on “Meet the Press.”

It was very unfortunate Speaker Pelosi was misinterpreting what Catholic teaching is on abortion. From the very first generation of Christians, abortion has always been considered a very serious sin and a violation of human life.

I see that the Bishops’ Conference has issued a statement on its Web site. The response was written by the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Cardinal Justin Rigali, who is the chairman of our Pro-Life Committee and who, like Archbishop Chaput, is an eloquent defender of life.


(Hat Tip to American Papist)

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