Thoughts and Faith to Share

Doug Kmiec, read this:

As the caesarean incision was made,
before the abortionist broke the water,
I could see the baby moving
underneath the sack of membranes.
My mind exclaimed "My God, that's a person!"

And when the water was broken
a pain pierced my heart,
like the time when I first assisted in a suction abortion.

And when he delivered the baby,
I couldn't touch it.
I wasn't much of an assistant.
I just stood there.

The reality of what was going on
finally began to seep deeply into
my calloused mind and heart.

They took that little baby
that was making little sounds
and moving and kicking,
and set it on a table
in a cold, stainless steel bowl.

And every time I would look over
while we were finishing the surgery,
I would see that little person
kicking and moving
in that cold, stainless steel bowl.
Kicking and moving
less and less
as time went on,
in that cold, stainless steel bowl.

When we were finished I went over to the baby.
I watched as it struggled to take tiny breaths.
Its tiny chest was still moving.
Its tiny heart was still beating.
In that cold, stainless steel bowl.

Then I really hurt inside.
Then I began to realize what abortion really is.

The above was adapted from former abortionist David Brewer's testimony.