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The Abyss of Oblivion

Forget about the slippery slopes of the past, we have finally arrived at the Abyss of Oblivion (the Presidential Election of 2008).

I feel so much remorse over the majority of Americans who did not cast their vote to prevent this catastrophe.

Those among them who supported the murder of children in the womb (or born alive after a botched abortion) for the presumed benefit of their financial prosperity, deserve to go broke!

Fredi D'Alessio

Fr. John Corapi on the election:

The American people have now made it abundantly clear who they want to lead them, and the policies and practices that this president-elect has represented for some time, they can now claim as their own. Actions have consequences, and I am sure God has duly noted what our priorities are in the US of A. Economic matters would seem to take precedence over moral matters; money more important than life itself to most people (I guess they don’t consider almost 50,000,000 innocent children murdered by abortion part of life).

Now we shall see what the fruit of such a tree will be. I predict that we won’t have to wait long. In recent months we have seen “corrections” in the stock market, housing market, and banking industries. Now we’ll see if God orchestrates a “correction” in a country and a world that has demonstrated quite clearly that it prefers convenience and wealth to life itself.

Regardless of whatever happens next, remember there is still a God in Heaven and He loves you. He is infinitely merciful—and He is infinitely just as well.

God Bless You
Fr. John Corapi