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A new strategy for Pro-lifers

We have developed a new approach to pro-life ministry. It's based on over 20 years experience of communicating with 'the man in the street' and 12 years pro-life campaigning and speaking. The public are very welcoming of this new approach and there are times when we can't keep up with the demand! Pro-lifers often tell us that they are amazed by seeing such positive reactions.

We'd like to share with you what we are doing, hoping that it will inspire you to do similar in your area. You are very welcome to come along and see us in action. Alternatively, take a look at our website at

Created4Life aims to...

  • increase public awareness of the humanity and preciousness of the unborn baby
  • encourage women (and men) to choose to keep their babies
  • help those badly affected by a past abortion

What we do and how...

  • We set up a small table in town centres with the following on display:
    Life-sized baby models, 7 to 40 weeks from conception
    Free Created4Life leaflets
    Free 10 week baby models and Precious Feet badges
    Beautiful images of developing pre-born babies
  • We visit the same towns on a regular basis - every week if possible

This friendly approach leads to numerous discussions and contacts.

We provide the resources, training, help and advice to pro-life volunteers who want to set up and run this simple and effective ministry in town centres, schools, college campuses, local markets, conferences or fairs.

We are calling upon pro-life campaigners to give this a try. It will require some regular commitment and perhaps a few adjustments but it will be worth the effort. Imagine how you will feel when a mother eagerly explains that you helped her choose to keep her baby rather than have her aborted as she had originally planned and the baby is in her arms as she tells you!

Interested? Please contact me. Thank you.

Alan Thorne, Director Created4Life
0044 +7865091155
PO Box 120, Faversham, Kent ME13 8XD, United Kingdom