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The War in the Womb

Fredi D'Alessio

We will never see an end to war in this world until we end the war in the womb. Perhaps our loving and merciful God will help us end poverty and war if we help Him end the war in the womb. This is not a State or National issue; it is a Global issue. We must not only fight against the culture of death in our own country, but wherever it persists beyond our borders as well. Below is yet another report of the persistent efforts to impose international abortion rights. Notice, again, that the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are among the strategies proposed by abortion proponents.

I believe that we need to advocate for a new MDG, making it the first and fundamental goal. It should emphatically charge the worldwide community to respect and protect every human being's right to life from conception to natural death.

UN Conference Lays Out Strategy for International Abortion Rights

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We all must come to recognize the human person in everyone who is victimized, rejected, abandoned, and defenseless in the worldwide community. This cannot be accomplished if we do not firstly recognize and protect the most defenseless among us, the unborn. Not until we have done all in our power to end the abomination of abortion worldwide by peaceful measures, can we hope to see a measure of peace in the world. (Fredi D'Alessio)