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UN Secretary-General calls for universal access to reproductive health (UN code for abortion)

Background note by UN Secretary-General on achieving the Millennium Development Goals mentions "reproductive health" (UN code for abortion) five times.

  • Calls for “universal access to reproductive health.”

  • Claims that ”New indicators of women’s share of productive, full and decent employment and reproductive health have been incorporated into the Millennium Development Goal framework and will be reported for the first time in 2008.”

  • States that "achieving the Millennium Development Goal 5 target of universal access to reproductive health remains a distant dream in many countries."

The Millennium Development Goals Report 2008 (page 25) states, in regard to MDG Goal 5 Improve Maternal Health:

  • "Accelerated improvements in all dimensions of reproductive health care, culminating in but not limited to better obstetric care, are required in all regions to achieve the goal."

  • And on page 26 lists "Achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health" as an MDG Target.


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